Postdoctoral research fellow position

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Project title: Linking of genomic and ecophysiologic traits of freshwater bacteria affiliated with the genus Limnohabitans (Betaproteobacteria) Hosted by: The Laboratory of Aquatic Microbial Ecology (AME) Biology Centre of the Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic.

Position summary: The fellow will conduct genome analyses of several isolated Limnohabitans strains, representing different lineages of this genus. This work will be complemented with additional manipulative field and laboratory experiments dealing with different ecophysiological characteristics of the bacteria. The genus Limnohabitans represents both an ecologically as well as phylogenetically highly diverse group, whose genotypes occupy different ecological niches, but due to their generally large growth potential, substrate versatility and high mortality induced by phagotrophic protists, they obviously play a key role in carbon transfer to higher trophic levels in diverse freshwater habitats. The project should address the question, which genomic traits are likely to be responsible for the high competitive success of these bacteria in plankton (reflected in specific ecophysiologic capabilities) of a wide array of freshwater environments. Prerequisites – good knowledge in bioinformatics, annotation and analysis of bacterial genome sequence data, basic skills in microbiology. The work will include a 6 month stay abroad in the lab of Prof. H.P. Grossart (IGB Neuglobsow, Department of Limnology of Stratified Lakes, Stechlin, Germany) focused on single bacterial cell genomic approaches of yet uncultured members of the Limnohabitans genus. Pedagogical activities: Participation on lecturing of “Aquatic microbial ecology” and selected chapters of “Modern molecular methods in microbial ecology”; lectures to be given at the South Bohemian University. Other activities: The position covers also one international conference a year to present the project results.

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