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PhD position in the area of Palaeoceanography

University BremenThe Ocean in the Earth System
MARUM – Center for Marine Environmental Sciences

The Research Center/Cluster of Excellence “The Ocean in the Earth System” (MARUM) at the University of Bremen, Germany, has the overarching scientific goal to achieve a better understanding of key processes in the marine. The research themes are: Ocean and Climate, Geosphere-Biosphere Interactions and Sediment Dynamics. Sigue leyendo

Fully-funded PhD Scholarship: How will changing detrital resources influence marine biodiversity and ecosystem function?

scu91newGlobal losses of seagrasses and mangroves, eutrophication-driven increases in ephemeral algae, and macrophyte invasions have impacted marine detrital resources. This has important implications for marine ecosystems because detritus drives benthic production, as well as sustains food webs encompassing economically-important fisheries, threatened shore birds, and marine mammals. Sigue leyendo

PhD graduate Student Zooplankton

IOWStarting on January 1st 2014 subject to the allocation of funds. Remuneration is paid in accordance with the TV-L salary scale at level EG 13 monthly gross salary. Sigue leyendo

PhD position University of Leeds

university of leedsPhD Project Title: Quantitative characterisation and prediction of deep-marine sedimentary architecture and facies heterogeneity through relational databasing

The number of sedimentological studies providing data on the sedimentary architecture of deep-marine depositional systems is steadily growing, under the impulse of both industrial and academic drivers. Sigue leyendo

PhD position on the hydraulic effect of bedforms in tidal environments

University BremenThe PhD project will be carried out in the research group “Coastal Dynamics” at Bremen University and will combine dedicated numerical modeling with high resolution field surveys on the geometry and dynamics of bedforms and the hydrodynamic environment in tidal channels and estuaries. Sigue leyendo

Graduate Studentship Opportunities in hydrologic and oceanographic

Energized and aspiring graduate students in hydrologic and oceanographic studies with a focus on water qualities in inland and coastal waters

Graduate research assistantship is available to support student pursuing M.S. or Ph. D. degrees in the Department of Earth System Science and Policy (ESSP) at the University of North Dakota. A unique feature of ESSP is that it provides a student-centered learning environment with expertise in hydrology, oceanography, climate change, terrestrial ecosystem, physical geography, economy and policy. Sigue leyendo

Two Funded PhD Opportunities

manchester universityTwo fully funded PhD scholarships are available immediately. The research projects aim to evaluate the evolution of the Moroccan Atlantic Passive Margin during the Early Cretaceous, by characterizing the depositional systems onshore along the well – exposed coastal sections, and analysis of subsurface data offshore. Sigue leyendo

PhD: Modelling Submarine Megaflows

The Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences provides leading, international research and education. Innovation and sustainability are central themes. Research addresses societal issues. Research and education are closely interwoven. The faculty consists of the departments of Transport & Planning, Structural Engineering, Geosciences & Engineering, Water management, Hydraulic Engineering and Geoscience & Remote Sensing. Sigue leyendo

PhD students: School of Earth & Environmental Sciences

james cook universityThe School of Earth and Environmental Sciences at James Cook University, Queensland Australia, invites highly qualified students for postgraduate studies in the geosciences. James Cook University provides access to the outstanding Precambrian to recent geology of tropical Australia, Papua New Guinea and the SW Pacific, with easy access to the Great Barrier Reef, savannah landscapes, and numerous world-class mineral deposits. The school’s research in geology, geochemistry and physical geography is recognised internationally. Sigue leyendo

PostDoc and PhD position – Coastal Ocean Acidification

A fully funded four-year Ph.D. position in Environmental Science and a two-year PostDoc position are available at the Department of Geology, Lund University, Sweden

Project title: Drivers and Impacts of Coastal Ocean Acidification (DISCO) Sigue leyendo